Dyvig Marina is one of the most beautiful harbours and it is not without reason that it was named harbour of the year in 2010 by "Danske Tursejlere". Not only is there a great nature, but also fine bridges with new electric stands, good bathing facilities, wi-fi and a shop with a rich selection of groceries. Here you will find fresh vegetables and meat, ready for the grill. Come down to the harbour and enjoy the life here. There are offers for both the landlubbers, sailors and those kayaking.

Adress: Dyvig Bådelaug 1 - 6430 Nordborg - Pos,: 55° 02,6 N 09° 42,4 E - www.db-dyvig.dk

Adress: Dyvig Bro - Dyvigvej 31 - DK-6430 Nordborg 

Adress: Dyvig, Hesnæsvej, 6430 Nordborg

Adress: Mjels Vig Lystbådehavn, Rødenæbvej, 6430 Nordborg

The North-Als ferry Bitten. The most beautiful way to North-Als on the island Als. Bitten sails every half hour between Ballebro in Jutland and Hardeshøj on Als. The ferry ride takes 10 minutes, where you can walk around on the ferry and enjoy the view of Als or Sundeved or you can sit on one of the ferry's 50 seats in the saloon. The ferry has room for about 30 cars. The ferry service has been in route since before 1683 and is used by tourists and residents on North-Als all year. Are you taking your kids on vacation, you should absolutely take the ferry as a nice variation from the car ride.

Adress: Færgevej 70, 6430 Nordborg. Website: http://www.faergen-bitten.dk/

Adress: Stevning Lille Nor, Lille Nor Vej, 6430 Nordborg

Adress: Fynshav Bådehavn, Nedergade 9A, 6440 Augustenborg

Adress: Augustenborg Yachthavn, Langdel 6, 6440 Augustenborg

Adress: Sønderborg Lystbådehavn, Marina Allé 12, 6400 Sønderborg

Adress: Mommarkvej 382, 6470 Sydals

Adress: Høruphav Lystbådehavn, Havnevænget 1, 6470 Høruphav

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Sønderborg Havn, Nørrebro 1, 6400 Sønderborg

Fynshav Bådehavn, Nedergade 9a, 6440 Augustenborg

Fynshav Havn, Færgevej, 6440 Augustenborg