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The ferry Bitten

The North-Als ferry Bitten. The most beautiful way to North-Als on the island Als. Bitten sails every half hour between Ballebro in Jutland and Hardeshøj on Als. The ferry ride takes 10 minutes, where you can walk around on the ferry and enjoy the view of Als or Sundeved or you can sit on one of the ferry's 50 seats in the saloon. The ferry has room for about 30 cars. The ferry service has been in route since before 1683 and is used by tourists and residents on North-Als all year. Are you taking your kids on vacation, you should absolutely take the ferry as a nice variation from the car ride.

Adress: Færgevej 70, 6430 Nordborg. Website: http://www.faergen-bitten.dk/


Headline: Take the family to a whole new universe in 2021

Treat the whole family to an exciting day out at Universe – Southern Jutland’s biggest adventure park.

Come and discover the thrilling and sometimes peculiar universe of science and technology – we promise entertainment and amazement for young and old alike.

Explore fascinating new virtual worlds at our new Virtual Reality attraction, which opens in 2020. Touch the clouds on Sky Trail and race around in our brand new electric cars.

Exciting and ingenious experiences await you at Universe!

Adresse: Mads Patent Vej 1, DK-6430 Nordborg   Webside: Universe.dk

Nordborg Castle

Norborg Castle was founded ca 1150 by Svend Grathe and named Alsborg. Unfortunately the original castle burned down in 1665, but was rebuild in 1678. Later the castle was named Nordborg Castle. The castle is today used as an independent boarding school with about 135 students. The castle is also used for the annual North-Als Music Festival in June, as well as other events. The park is open for visitors all days in the daylight hours.

Adress: Nordborg Slots Efterskole - Slotsgrunden 1 - 6430 Nordborg

Sønderborg Castle

Sønderborg Castle was founded in 1170. The castle has a chapel in renaissance style. Sønderborg Castle has been used as a prison because of the strong buildings, and later as a field hospital during the Schleswig war. Today the castle is a museum for South Jutland's history, like shipping, textile and craftsmanship. Sønderborg Castle is open all days from 10am to 4pm.

Adress: Sønderborg slot og Museum - Sønderbro 1 - 6400 Sønderborg

Jollmands Farm

Jollmands farm is dating from the early 1700s, and is now rebuilt so that it appears as close to the original as possible. On the farm you can see the stables and living quarters, and get a really good impression of how people lived back then.

Jollmands farm is open every saturday from 9:30 to 11:30 and during the period 15. june to 1. september also on Saturday and Tuesday and thursday from. 14:00-16:00. Admission over 12 years entrance fee: kr. 30, -. Address: Møllegade 15, Holm, DK-6430 Nordborg

Munkegård Tractor Museum

Munkegård Tractor Museum. The museum in Pøl is filled with rare and special tractors from 16 different countries. The oldest is from 1928, an International 10-20. Many of the tractors are made for specific purposes, like one to carry equipment. Munkegård Tractor Museum also have several different reapers, from the first towing ones to the self driving ones. The museum, that opened in 2008, is open all days from 10am to 5pm, or by appointment.

Munkegård Traktormuseum - Pøl Nørregade 5 - 6430 Nordborg

Stolbroladen and Alsingergården

Stolbroladen og Alsingergården - Sandvej 21 - Svenstrup - 6430 Nordborg

Jørgen Riecks Archaeological Collection

160727 Riecks stensamling 027

Jørgen Riecks Archaeological Collection

The collection contains more than 50,000 objects, most of them from the Stone Age. It is one of the largest private collections of ancient finds in Denmark. There are finds from Bundsø on Als, Anholt, Fyns Hoved and other places.

Opening hours: From Easter until week 42 (mid-October): Tuesdays and Sundays 1 pm - 4 pm or by appointment    Free entry      

Address: Egebjergvej 4, Svenstrup, 6430 Nordborg       Tel. 4098 9289 or 2752 6330
Website: https://www.svenstrup-nordals.dk/sevaerdigheder/riecks-stensamling/

Egen Church Stables

Egen Church Stables. The old church stables are red half timbered buildings with thatched roofs and are some of the best kept stables in Denmark. The 3 stable buildings are in continuation of each other, and were build between 1793 and 1894. The stables are connected to Egen Church. The church stables, with 34 doors, all numbered, were during the service used to stable the horses of the people from the parish that lived furthest away. There were room for two horses in each room. The buildings were listed in 1945.

Adress: Kirkestaldene ved Egen Kirke - Egen Kirkevej 2 - Guderup - 6430 Nordborg

Nordborg Local Historic Archive

Nordborg Local History Archive. In the archive in Nordborg pictures and newspaper clippings of persons, occupations and unions are gathered. Nordbog Local History Archive has a larger collection of glass plates, negatives and folk tales, as well as a micro card collection of church books from Nordborg and the surrounding parishes. The archive is open Monday from 2pm to 5pm.

Adress: Lokalhistorisk Arkiv, Nordborg - Løjtertoft 32 - 6430 Nordborg

Havnbjerg Mill

Havnbjerg Mill. There has since the 1600's been several different mills on this 49 meter high hill. Havnbjerg Mill is of the type tower mill with spring sails and a beautiful thatched roof, it was build in 1836. It was build as a corn mill and was used until 1961. The mill has several times been perfectly restored. Open hours: Wednesday from 9am to 4pm and in June, July and August also each Saturday from 9am to 4pm.

Havnbjerg Mølle - Tingstedvej - Havnbjerg - 6430 Nordborg

Elstrup Mill

Elstrup Mill. The mill in Elstrup, from 1859, was build in Østerholm, but was in the year 1887 moved two kilometers to Elstrup, to get a better use of its capacity. The mill is made of wood, from top to bottom, and is the only preserved smock mill in Denmark. The mill stopped operating in 1969 and was listed in 1998. The mill has an exciting exhibition of different mill types, grinders and tools, etc. The Mill has different arrangements and concerts. Elstrup Mill is open all days from 9am to 8pm.

Elstrup Mølle - Fynshavvej 12 - Elstrup - 6430 Nordborg

Vibæk Watermill

Vibæk Water Mill. The water mill was made in 1756 as a solid installation, with water mill, mill pond and wind mill. Vibæk Water Mill is the last of the 10 original water mills from Als. The mill has an overshot wheel with a diameter of 2.5 meters, which still looks like something from the 1700s. The water mill was used until 1938 and can in the summer months be visited every day between 10am and 5pm. There are arrangements and activities throughout the summer.

Vibæk Vandmølle - Vibæk Mølle 3 - 6470 Sydals

Sønderborg Castle Mill

Sønderborg Castle Mill. The first castle mill was build in 1791, but unfortunately it burned down in 1837 and again in 1864, during the French-German War, it was rebuild in 1875 and now lies on a private address in Sønderborg. The original castle mill was on the same ground as Sønderborg Castle. The castle mill is a dutch windmill with a gallery, build as a corn mill. The mill can only be seen from the outside.

Sønderborg Slotsmølle - Lerbjerg - 6400 Sønderborg

Hjortspring Boat

The Hjortspring Boat. The oldest full-scale boat in the North, build from linden tree planks and sewn together with a cord made from linden trees. The boat is 18 meters long and 2 meters wide, weighs 550 kilos and can carry 22 men. The Hjortsping Boat is called Tilia Alsie and is a copy of a wooden boat from the Iron Age. The remains of the original Hjortspring Boat is from 350 BC, it was used a a war canoe and can be seen in the National Museum in Copenhagen. The Hjortspring Boat Tilia Alsie was build and can be seen in the Lindyard in Holm. The boat was first launched in 1999, where it was given the name Tilia Alsie. The Lindyard's opening hours can be seen here: Opening Hours.

Hjortspringbåden - Dyvigvej 11 - Holm - 6430 Nordborg

Tranerodde Lighthouse

Tranerodde Lighthouse. The lighthouse is called a 'vinkelfyr' in Danish, which means that the light has different colours in different sections to show where the ship is positioned in relation to the lighthouse. It has a 10 meters high iron tower, painted in white and red. Tranerodde Lighthouse is from 1906, and was build to warn the ships of two low tide areas north of the lighthouse. The lighthouse was build during the period where South Jutland was under German dominion. Tranerodde Lighthouse was at first equipped with a lens device and a burner filled with methylated spirit. Later it was switched to acetone and a new burner. Tranerodde Lighthouse is no longer in use, but is still standing as a historic memory.

Tranerodde Fyr - Himmark strand - Tranerodde Himmark - 6430 Nordborg

Augustemhof Lighthouse

Augustenhof Fyr - Augustenhofvej 35 - 6430 Nordborg

Taksensand Lighthouse in the Forrest Nørreskoven

Taksensand Fyr i Nørreskoven - Taksensand - Stenkobbel - 6440 Augustenborg

Kegnæs Lighthouse

Kegnæs Fyr - Nørre Landevej 7 - 6470 Sydals

Østerholm Castleruin

Østerholm Slotsruin - Voldstedvej 1 B - 6430 Nordborg

The tallest sundial in Europe

Adress: Tingholm 8B - Guderup - 6430 Nordborg

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