One of the most beautiful places in Denmark, you can find on the island Als. Relax or have fun. The magnificent countryside surrounded by the many forests, lakes, beaches and amazing wildlife is perfect for both walks, bicycle tours and trips by car. All roads lead to a beach, forest or a lovely nature area. All within a few kilometers distance. Als is known as a paradise for naturelovers. Especially the northern part of the island, Nordborg town and North-Als, invite you to explore the countryside, where only your imagination set the limit of your experience. But if you visit the southern part of the island Als, Sønderborg and Kegnæs, you will get a really good addition to your overall experience of the island Als. Click on the pictures, to see more specific descriptions...

On the island of Als you can get many experiences. Als have water all around and plenty of beaches where you can play in the water. You can go hiking and you can visit some of the many historical museums and monuments scattered throughout the island, all within a few kilometers distance. Want to visit Universe and explore the technique, or do you want to see the many interesting buildings, such as lighthouse, mills, churches and old thatched houses? Try it out, you will find it. Click on the pictures to see more specific descriptions...

Als is surrounded by water. Almost all the way around you can swim and sail, do water sports and fishing. The beaches on Als are very various. There are sandy beaches and beaches filled with stones or both. Some are completely flat with sand dunes and some with steep slopes. Some are completely in the open and others are located near a forest, or are near a marina. Cycling, walking and driving by car are among the options you can use to explore the beaches.

Relaxing or having fun, doing sports or just for the fresh air. You are in the right place in Denmark. Click on the pictures, to

see more specific descriptions...

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